Gravatar enabled blog

I have just enabled Gravatar on my wordpress blog after having seen the little icons on Petite Anglaise‘s site. If you leave a comment on this post (using my site, not Livejournal or Facebook or the other sites I syndicate this blog with) you will see a little icon appear next to your name like this: . This is your Gravatar and you can customise it by going to the Gravatar website and registering your email address. It then follows you whenever you comment on any Gravatar enabled website.

I have also turned on a few more wordpress plugins such as the ability to share a post with others through various social bookmarking websites or even by email. There is also a new subscribe to post feature which will, after you have left a comment, email you to tell you that someone else has left a comment – this is optional.

I am also thinking of including my twitter feed somewhere but I am not sure how long I will keep using twitter.